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Principal's Message

Dear TVCS Families,
After more than 19 years with TVCS I am announcing my upcoming retirement. It is a bittersweet
announcement as I have feelings of excitement and anxiety. TVCS has been my life for a long time and
the people here feel like family. I am honored to have been a part of your lives. I will miss so much about
my years here.

I don’t have grand plans for my retirement, but of course my husband and I will do some travelling and I
will spend more time home enjoying my horses and dogs. We have family and friends all over the country
to catch up with. It’s time to attend to my personal life after more than 36 years as an educator.
I do not have a specific date for my last day just yet. I am staying in place long enough to assist the Board
in their search for a new Executive Director and support a smooth transition. Mr. Neuenschwander will be
here as the Principal in the coming year. We will all work together to preserve the unique culture of TVCS.
I will be here as usual when school starts and transition out as the circumstances dictate. The job is
posted and we hope to interview in July. We will make introductions when the time comes. Rest assured
that we are working to build the very best administrative team possible because you deserve no less than
the best.

Thank you to the Board of Directors, the incredible staff, our supportive parents, and the very best
students in the world for making my years here so rewarding.
Lois Hastings
 Parent Participation
TVCS has evolved over the years, but we continue to value Parent Participation as much as ever. While some parents still have the time and opportunity to be present on campus, most parents cannot. We understand that as a parent, there is nothing more important than your children and you still want to be involved in ways that boost your children's successes. The great news is that parent participation happens most effectively beyond the school walls and even the school day. As parents, you are your child's first and most important teachers. Setting expectations for daily school attendance, supporting your children with homework by providing an appropriate time and place free from distractions and communicating with your children's teachers are some of the most important aspects of parent participation. 
Parent Teacher Conferences are coming up in October. Attending the conference is a very effective way of supporting your child. Come to the conference with questions and information to share. If you have concerns, don't wait for conference time. Your teachers are your partners and they are here to help. I assure you they have your children's best interests at heart and will listen with an open mind. We look forward to working with you in partnership for a very successful school year.