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Conduct at Athletic Events

Conduct at Athletic Events

In order to provide a pleasant and safe environment for all spectators and participants, all participating schools’ staff and students ask that all fans do the following:

  • REMEMBER that this is a middle school athletic event. All participants (players, coaches, officials, and fans) are involved in this phase of education of our student-athletes. Our IVIAA League schools endorse the principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor. All involved should display proper sportsmanship and play by the rules of the game because it’s the right thing to do!
  • Do not coach from the bleachers, it embarrasses you, your child and those seated near you.
  • Support your team by being a positive representative of your family and your school.
  • Cheer for good play
  • Refrain from intimidating or harassing players, coaches, officials, or other fans.
  • Use proper language at all times.
  • Remain in assigned seating areas- spectators are not allowed in the playing area.
  • Follow safety rules.
  • No eating or drinking in gyms.
  • Put trash in the proper receptacles.

Admission to this event is a privilege and not a license to display insensitive or offensive behavior.

Coaches, program administrators, sport officials, and the athletes themselves have a right to demand that spectators conform to acceptable standards of behavior.

Enjoy the event by being a FAN, not a fanatic!!!