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Language is the tool that has been with humans for ages.  We crave communication!  As a teacher, I want students to see the importance of expression and words.  I enjoy watching Star Wars and reading poetry.  I also love teaching!  Being able to talk about and share my passion with our future makes every day a learning experience that I am thankful to have.  
I am a wife and mother two kids: one boy and one girl.  When I am not in the classroom I am spending time with my family, which is important to me.
Looking forward to another amazing year here at Temecula Valley Charter School!


Important Due Dates

Please see below for important upcoming due dates:
8/20: Collage due
8/22: Signed syllabus/questionnaire due
9/20: Anchor Packet due

Vocabulary Test #3

Vocabulary test #3 is scheduled for Oct. 11, 2017.  Please ask your students for the list of words, as well as their root/prefix/suffix (depending on class and grade level).