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Beauty and the Beast: A message from the Costumer

Beauty and the Beast Cast Families,


The time is fast approaching for TVCS’s Spring Musical – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast!


Our Cougar Actors are so excited to present this amazing production and to be able to perform at West Valley High School’s theater. It is going to be awesome to see them shine on stage!


The following is a list of the undergarments and shoes needed for your child:



Plain white undershirt. 

Black or dark colored athletic shorts. 

All black shoes. For example black jazz shoes or all black tennis shoes. NO white designs. NO white soles.



Nude leotard (unless otherwise directed)

All black shoes. For example black jazz shoes, black ballet flats or all black tennis shoes. NO white designs. NO white soles.

Napkin and Plate Enchanted Objects - you will also need nude character shoes for your numbers.


*If you have difficulty obtaining any of the above items in time for the show dates, please contact Jaime Roehm or Jenni Warmbir. We do have some extra of these items in our costume closet that may fit your Cougar.  



Boys are to comb and gel their hair so it is not in their face.

Girls are to wear their hair half up/half down with curls OR in a loose bun appropriate for the time period.



Leads will have their make up done by parent volunteers.

All other actors may wear light blush and/or mascara. This is helpful so as to not look washed out by the stage lights, but it is not necessary. 


As always, thank you parents for your dedication in getting your kiddos to rehearsal. It’s going to be a great show!!!



With appreciation,


Jaime Roehm

No more Monday after school Roaring Harmony Rehearsals!

Hello Everyone!

We will no longer be having after school rehearsal for Roaring Harmony on Mondays. This will begin this week so all Roaring Harmony team members will be ready for pick up at the regular school dismissal time from this point forward.


Also: pencil in the Roaring Harmony Awards Banquet for May 29th in the early evening! Date has been confirmed with Mulligans!


I am looking forward to competition on Saturday!


Mr. Kehler


Beauty and the Beast Rehearsal Change for Wednesday, March 13th!!!!

Rehearsal Change for Wednesday, March 13th
Cast called from 2-5: wolves, Maurice, Beast and all in "Gaston". Everyone else- you have the night off!!!

No Beauty and the Beast rehearsal Thursday, March 7th

Thursdays practice(March 7th) is cancelled due to the 7/8 grade overnight field trips- missing too many people.


We will be reviewing judges comments on Monday during class. NO AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL ON MONDAY! Great job this weekend!!!

No After School Roaring Harmony Rehearsal Tomorrow: Wednesday, January 9th

Hi everyone- been a rough couple of days for the Kehler’s. Brayden, Gavin and I have had high fevers and have been fighting a nasty bug. Unfortunately, my fever continues to go up and down (not the 105.3 it was Monday night but still in the 101-103 range) and I still need to take medicine in order to bring it down. In an effort to avoid last years crazy January sickness that went through the entire group I have decided there will be no rehearsal after school tomorrow. I know there are things that need to be done but I feel it would be a bad choice. I will be looking into options for making up the rehearsal time. I am almost done with the schedule for the remainder of the year will post ASAP.