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Welcome to the TVCS 2022/2023 school year! Please check below under Latest News for important dates!

Mr. Laundrie, Room 27 (5B)

Welcome to Room 27! I'm excited to be working with you all this year in Fifth Grade! Please check back here for more information & upcoming assignments, as well as classroom updates and helpful links.


6th Grade Summer Reading Bingo

Hello all,

Summer is nearly upon us! THANK YOU all again for an amazing Fifth Grade year... it would not have been possible without everything our incredible families did to support us. Thank you all for the privilege of working with you and with your students!

Sixth Grade has asked that we share the attached Summer Reading BINGO! chart for your ​student to work with over the break. Raffle tickets for prizes await those who enjoy some good reading over the summer! Please take a look with them and encourage them to pick up a good book (or three)!

There may be handful of last-minute housekeeping items to share with you, but otherwise I hope you all enjoy a relaxing, peaceful summer break!


Thank you all for your patience with these endless messages, but...

The final countdown begins! Please take a moment to check the following items to ensure that your camper is prepared for their upcoming adventure!

  • Masks: This is not news we are excited to share. Masks are required in certain instances at AstroCamp, including when going through the food line and during indoor classes. AstroCamp, like all the camps TVCS students have attended this year, is having difficulty maintaining enough staff to run their programs. They are making the change in mask requirements to help ensure they have enough staff available and won't have to cancel trips for being short staffed due to illness. Masks are NOT required when outside, when in cabins, or when eating. We spend so much time outside, and this is such an incredible trip, I do NOT see this minor inconvenience having that great an impact on our trip. Many of our classes are outdoors, most free time is outdoors, and cabins will be mask-optional areas.

  • Student Medication: If your student needs any medications (that you have already listed on their medical form), PLEASE deliver that medication to one of the Fifth Grade teachers on Monday morning. Medications that are normally stored at school CANNOT BE TAKEN TO CAMP.
  • Travel Times: Students should be on campus at TVCS at the regular time Monday, May 16. We will leave the school around 8:30am. We will return to school on Wednesday around 2:30pm, which is AFTER regular loop pickup for the day!
  • Packing List: Attached for your convenience! Please read it over carefully and avoid packing too much extra. There won't be much space for luggage when we drive up Monday!
  • Label EVERYTHING: A strip of duct tape with your student's last name on luggage is VERY helpful. Pillows & sleeping bags can go in a large trash bag, also labeled with tape & name.
  • Sunny Weather: As of right now, the forecast looks pleasant, but please send a light sweatshirt/jacket with your student. It gets cold at night! Please make sure your camper has comfortable clothing AND sturdy, reliable shoes for outdoor hiking!
  • Bring Lunch on Monday: Students will need to have their own food when we arrive Monday, but will be very well fed after that. Please send lunches/snacks in paper or plastic bags.
  • NO OTHER OUTSIDE FOOD: Please do not send students with any other snacks. Food in the dorms attracts bugs and other wildlife, and it WILL be confiscated if found.
  • Additional Information:  https://astrocamp.org/parent-resources/

This is going to be an amazing trip, and I know the kids will create memories they'll treasure for years. Thank you for all you have done to help prepare them for this great adventure! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Have a great weekend!
-- The Fifth Grade Team

Astro Camp Reminders

Medication Reminders:
  • All medication must come from home. Any medication at the school must remain at the school.
  • All medication must be in original packaging and be clearly labeled.
  • Medication should go from the parent to the teacher and then the teacher back to the parent.
  • Students should not handle medication.
What to pack & not pack:
  • Bring a sack lunch for the first day!
  • Pack what you need but don’t over pack. Students need to carry their gear and it needs to fit in our cars. We are especially tight on space this year.
  • Students may bring money for the camp store.
  • NO cell phones for students!
Reminders for parent chaperones:
  • Parents should be actively involved with the students and activities.
  • Students should be supervised at all times.
  • Let teachers know of any concerns.
  • No alcohol or tobacco products are allowed at any time while on a field trip.
  • Everyone must leave from TVCS together and return to TVCS following the trip. We must all take the same route. Parents and students need to enter campus and be checked off by a teacher before leaving the school
    on Wednesday.

Who Wants to Be A Colonist?

Hello Fifth Grade Families!

The Fifth Grade Team is pleased to formally invite you to our students' presentation of Who Wants To Be a Colonist, coming soon to TVCS! Students have been working hard on this history-based play all year and are excited to share their performance with you.

There will be two show times, the week of April 25th
  • Monday, April 25, 10:10 to 11:00  --- Mr. Laundrie's Homeroom students (5B)
  • Tuesday, April 26, 10:10 to 11:00 --- Mrs. Wahl's Homeroom students (5A)
Costuming has been discussed in Performing Arts and during Social Studies, so hopefully students know what they'll be wearing. To recap:
  • Families do NOT need to purchase costumes!
  • Mr. Kehler has a number of costumes for students to wear, but most students will need to assemble simple costumes at home.
  • Students playing colonists usually wear baggy, over-sized dress shirts to replicate flowing sleeves and tunics, paired with dark-colored pants (possibly rolled up or tucked into socks) and dark-colored shoes.
  • Students playing Native Americans can wear long, over-sized brown shirts (without logos or inside-out) over dark-colored pants and shoes. Some students like to cut fringe into the shirt hems and/or cut the sleeves, but that is obviously optional. Face paint, headdresses, etc. are also obviously optional.
  • Students with specific parts who require more specialized costumes have discussed their needs in class, but please contact us if you have any questions of concerns.
We hope to see you all at the theater! Thank you!

-- The Fifth Grade Team

TOMORROW 4/12: Riley's Farm

Hello all... our next adventure is upon us! Please remember the following for our upcoming field trip:

Field Trip: Riley's Farm Revolutionary War Experience
  • Wear Red: As always, please try to wear red for easy identification. TVCS shirts are great, but any red top works.
  • Dress in Layers: The weather forecast for tomorrow is 52°: please have students dress in layers! A light, hooded jacket/sweatshirt is suggested… something that can be removed and worn around the waist. Red, if possible, please.
  • Comfortable Walking Shoes & Sunscreen: Students will be outside for the majority of the day, and there will be a lot of walking.
  • NO Electronics For Students: A compact or point-and-shoot camera is fine, but PLEASE: no cell phones, MP3 players, game devices, etc. Adults will have their phones in case of emergencies, and students do not need the distractions.
  • Arrive At School By 8:00: We are hoping to take attendance quickly and be on the road as soon as possible. It is very important that all students and chaperons BE ON TIME! Contact our coordinator if you have any concerns or if you are running behind in the morning.
  • Snack & Lunch Information: Students are encouraged to eat a hearty breakfast, as there will likely be little (or no) time for snack when we arrive. We will have time for lunch after the activity, so please pack a sack lunch. Riley's Farm does provide "soldier's rations" for each student, but they aren't much. 😬
  • Students MUST Check Out With Teachers: Student safety is our primary concern, and that begins with teachers always knowing where each & every student is. Please do not pick students up directly from their drivers after the trip. Wait for their teacher to dismiss them.
If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know! Thank you!
- Mrs. Wahl & Mr. Laundrie

AC permision packet 2022

A quick reminder: payments for our OPTIONAL (but awesome) overnight trip to Astro Camp will be due March 16! Please read the information below (copied from the attached flyer) for more details on what is involved and how to make a payment. If you have any questions about the ​experience, please feel free to contact us!

AstroCamp is designed to stimulate minds, build character, develop social skills, and most importantly, create excitement about science. To find out more about the camp, visit their website at: http://astrocampschool.org/

Overnight field trips are considered optional and are at parent expense. The $252 per person cost includes all the activities and six meals.

Payments are non-refundable after 3/16/22.

No packets have gone home for Astro Camp yet. Only the digital flyer with general information and the payment process. All the usual field trip information will be gathered from families after payments have been processed and chaperones have been selected.

AstroCamp limits the number of adults who can attend this trip. A limited number of male and female parents will be chosen from a random drawing to attend. Please note that you MUST be a TVCS volunteer AND field trip driver (see all requirements listed in the Volunteer Handbook & Application and Field Trip Driver Handbook & Application) to be a chaperone. An interest form will be sent home to fill out if you are interested in being in the drawing. Please return that form by March 16, 2022 to be considered. All volunteer and field trip driver requirements must be completed (including Live Scan and Induction Meeting) by April 15, 2022 to secure a spot as a chaperone. If requirements are not completed by this date, the spot will be forfeited and a second random drawing will take place for chaperones.

Chaperones will be required to assist with the following:
- Help the staff in whatever ways they need during classes
- Help students get to where they need to go on time
- Monitor eating and meal cleanup
- Supervise behavior & cleanliness in cabins. Students may not be in cabins without supervision.

Aeries Student Portal:
Google Classroom:
5B: Coming Soon!
Mr. Laundrie's Math Videos: https://t.ly/VAeYZ
School Lunch: www.mymealtime.com
Listed below are our activities for Math... revisit old Modules and preview what is coming in class!
You do NOT need to print any of these unless you are missing a previous assignment!