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California Healthy Kids survey will be active from 3/20/18 - 3/24/18! Check you email for the survey.

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  • Thurs. 3/1 Class Notes

    If the video doesn't work, go here: https://youtu.be/LVLUpdjZKQo

    Uploaded Feb 28, 2018by Diana Long
  • 20:49 Ratio Video (Friday Show Choir and absent kids)

    Hi guys! I recorded a 20 min. video of myself walking you through the notes for Friday, 1/26. We will be doing some hands on activities with these notes on Monday so you will need to bring them filled in. I promise it makes sense when we do it.

    Things to know about this video:
    1) I really hate recording myself. I get really nervous and embarrassed. It is so much easier to teach you in person...I am so uncomfortable on camera. But I like you guys, so I did it anyway.

    2) Evie makes an appearance. In her pj's. Be prepared for cuteness.

    3) Yes, I am totally wearing Christmas jammies, I will just admit to that now.

    Show Choir kids, break a leg this weekend. I am so proud of you all. Sick kids, feel better. I miss you!

    <3 Mrs. Long

    Uploaded Jan 25, 2018by Diana Long
  • Kid President - Martin Luther King, Jr.

    Please enjoy this video!

    Uploaded Jan 14, 2018by Karen Pinch
  • Socktober Video

    Hope you enjoy this video!

    Uploaded Oct 23, 2017by Karen Pinch
  • 00:11 Science Lab - Ramps!

    Uploaded Sep 28, 2017by Karen Pinch

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