TVCS Mission and Vision Statements

Mission Statement

Temecula Valley Charter School is an alliance of parents, educators, and community members dedicated to providing a kindergarten through eighth grade family-centered atmosphere which endeavors to create a dynamic learning environment that meets or exceeds California State Standards and where all students can discover, experience, and celebrate their own worth. Temecula Valley Charter School will promote the growth of each child’s character, knowledge, and understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world.


Temecula Valley Charter School will provide an innovative and enriching educational environment expecting all those involved in the learning community to grow and achieve academically, emotionally, socially, and artistically in order to promote personal excellence.

Partnership for Family Involvement in Education (PFIE) best describes the role and impact of parental involvement:

“It has become increasingly evident that parental involvement in education contributes to students’ achievement in school. When families are involved in children’s learning, at school and at home, everyone benefits – schools work better, families become closer, and students improve academically. For these reasons, families and schools across America are partnering up to take mutual responsibility for children’s learning.”

The TVCS vision and mission allows students, parents, and staff to know each other on a personal level. Our hands­-on learning is a strategy that centers on opportunities for students to “think,” “build,” and “create” to reinforce educational concepts. All students receive instruction in Spanish, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Physical Education, Computer Technology, and participate in hands-on experiments in the Science Lab on a weekly basis.

TVCS is unique in that parents conceptualized and established this school on their own. Parental involvement is pivotal in the success of our school. TVCS encourages parents to participate in the classroom, on field trips, on committees and on the governing board, extending their talents and time to enrich the education of TVCS students. This is what makes us “different” from other neighborhood schools.

Executive Director's Message

Happy End of Summer!

I am excited to welcome you to a new school year. I hope you had a wonderful summer full of quality family time, rest and rejuvenation! Our family enjoyed a trip to the Northeast US and finished in Niagara Falls! It is always so rewarding to feel as though we have shown our children a whole new part of the world. We are looking forward to welcoming our TVCS Cougars back to campus and we anticipate a year of growth both academically and personally for ALL our students. This year more than ever we will be focusing on building relationships with our families, students and staff as we commit to our on-going pursuit of promoting the growth of each child’s character, knowledge, and understanding of themselves and their relationship to the world. We will also continue to build on our proud tradition of experiential, hands-on learning with an intentional focus on exploring the world outside of our community through field trips and other adventures. I understand you ended last year on a high note with AstroCamp, Knotts Berry Farm and many more adventures. I cannot wait to experience these with you!

Throughout the year, we are committed to transparency and keeping you informed about what is happening on and around the campus. This year, just as in past school years, your support and partnership play a crucial role in your children’s success. We greatly appreciate and value your involvement as we continue in our tradition of excellence in education and developing students who will bring positive change to their world.

In partnership together,

Dr. Charity Plaxton-Hennings
Executive Director