Wellness at TVCS

TVCS has established a Wellness Committee to help address wellness goals and practices in our school and community. This committee meets 6 times per year to address wellness, safety and school climate goals and initiatives on our campus.

Current Wellness Committee Members:
Dr. Charity Plaxton-Hennings, Executive Director
Ryan Gomes (School Food Solutions)
Jen Hauser (Physical Education Teacher)
Kelly Phillipar (Parent)
Jill Warner (Administration)
Robert Fernandez (Parent)
Anthony Gabriel (Security/Safety Manager)
Jeffrey Writer (Parent)
Holly Childs (Parent)
Jillian Smith (Parent)
Sandi Valdez (Parent)
Megan Knight (Parent)

Parent Participation

TVCS has evolved over the years, but we continue to value Parent Participation as much as ever. While some parents still have the time and opportunity to be present on campus, most parents cannot. We understand that as a parent, there is nothing more important than your children and you still want to be involved in ways that boost your children’s successes. The great news is that parent participation happens most effectively beyond the school walls and even the school day. As parents, you are your child’s first and most important teachers. Setting expectations for daily school attendance, supporting your children with homework by providing an appropriate time and place free from distractions and communicating with your children’s teachers are some of the most important aspects of parent participation.