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   TVCS Is Now Offering Free Grab And Go Student Meals To All Children Starting September 23, 2020.   Starting September 23, 2020, TVCS will be distributing 5-day meal kits to all children 18 years old and younger. Meal kits will include 5 Lunches, free of charge, to everyone. You do not need to be enrolled at TVCS and parents can pick up meals without children being present.

Wellness at TVCS

TVCS has established a Wellness Committee to help address wellness goals and practices in our school and community.
This committee has established two goals:
1. Get two students on the Committee and gather student input regarding wellness and meals offered at TVCS.
2. Publish healthy meal/snack standards for staff and parents.
Current Wellness Committee Members:
Leana Derouin (Staff, Parent)
Ryan Gomes (School Food Solutions)
Kelly Granche (Parent)
Jen Hauser (Staff, Parent)
Anthony Hildebrand (Board of Directors, Parent)
Stephan Liapis (Parent)
Michael Murphy (Administration)
Allen Neuenschwander (Administration)
Karen Pinch (Staff)
Alison Stewart (Parent)