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Archery Letter to Parents

Dear Parent(s)/Guardians, 

Temecula Valley Charter School Physical Education is pleased to announce the addition of archery to our physical education program. Archery is a part of our regular PE program and will be taught to all 4th-8th grade students unless you specifically request that your child not participate.


While the NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program) has a better safety record than most other physical activities, there is always a chance for injury. Your child may come home with a bruise on their forearm from the bowstring hitting it. If this occurs, please remind your child to inform their teacher so that I may assist them in proper shot setup procedures. Archery has fewer injuries than any of the “ball sports”, with the exception of table tennis. Injuries and accidents can be nearly eliminated when safety rules are followed. Students will show mastery of the safety rules and procedures prior to using any archery equipment.

Students must abide by ALL rules and regulations of the school and also of those established by NASP. Any student that does not abide by the necessary guidelines, proper disciplinary action may be taken, which includes dismissal from the archery program. Absolutely no archery equipment is to be brought from home. No bows, arrows, arm guards, sights, or releases may be brought by students or parents.  If you and your child understand and accept the responsibilities that come with archery participation please complete the release form and click submit. No student will be allowed to participate in “hands-on” archery without this form filled out completely. Release forms are due by Wednesday, Feb. 23rd. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email me. 

Thank you, 

Mrs. Hauser 

[email protected]

Archery Quizziz test (required)

All students must complete the Archery test on Quizzes. They must get 100% on the test in order to start the "hands-on" portion of the unit (use a bow and arrow). 
Enter game code: 
Take the test as many times as needed to get 100%. 

11 Steps to Archery Success

11 Steps to Archery Success

1. Stance
2. Nock
3. Drawing Hand Set
4. Bow Hand Set
5. Pre-Draw
6. Draw
7. Anchor
8. Aim
9. Shot Set-Up
10. Release
11. Follow-Through/Reflect