Temecula Valley Charter School Athletics

Welcome to the TVCS Cougar Athletics!

Our mission at Temecula Valley Charter School, we cultivate student-athletes dedicated to excellence both academically and athletically. With a commitment to fostering success in the classroom and on the field, our community of teachers, parents, and students collaborate to empower each individual to reach their highest potential. Guided by principals of sportsmanship, camaraderie, and team work, we provide opportunities for holistic growth, ensuring that every member of TVCS family thrives academically and athletically. 

TVCS Athletics is currently welcoming student-athletes from 6th-8th grades. Below are the programs being offered this year at TVCS:

  • Fall Sports: Flag Football, Girls Volleyball, Cross Country, Cheer
    • Registration NOW OPEN!
  • Winter Sports: Boys and Girls Basketball, Boys Baseball, Girls Softball 
  • Spring Sports: Boys and Girls Soccer, Track and Field, and Golf. 
We are accepting donations to support our Athletics program. Please donate any amount on the Cougar Webstore Click the Donate tab. Thank you for your support!  
Volunteers are always needed to support our teams. If you would like to coach or have any questions please contact Rian Wise. Coaches are required to have livescan done for TVCS. If you are already an approved parent volunteer you do not need to submit a new one. 
Fall Sports: September 4 – October 26
Practices will begin in August at TVCS. Coaches will communicate session times/days.
1. Flag Football
2. Girls Volleyball
3. Cross Country
4. Cheer
Winter 1 Sports: November 4 – December 21
Practices will begin in October at Sheffield Park. Coaches will communicate session times/days.
1. Baseball
2. Softball
Winter 2 Sports: January 27 – March 8
Practices will begin in December at TBD. Coaches will communicate session times/days. 
1. Girls Basketball
2. Boys Basketball
Spring Sports: March 24 – May 17
Practices will begin in February at TBD. Coaches will communicate session times/days.
1. Girls Soccer
2. Boys Soccer
3. Track and Field
4. Golf

Extracurricular/Athletic Handbook

Students and their parents are required to read the Extracurricular/Athletic Activity Handbook. A copy of this handbook may be downloaded here on the TVCS website or a copy may be obtained from the TVCS main office.

Medical Emergencies in Young Athletes

Information on Sudden Cardiac Arrest and Medical Emergencies in Athletes 
TVCS trains our athletics coaches on what to do in case of medical emergencies during athletics practices and games. Attached please find some information for parents on Sudden Cardiac Arrest in athletes.

Conduct at Athletic Events

In order to provide a pleasant and safe environment for all spectators and participants, all participating schools’ staff and students ask that all fans do the following:
  • REMEMBER that this is a middle school athletic event. All participants (players, coaches, officials, and fans) are involved in this phase of education of our student-athletes. Our IVIAA League schools endorse the principles of Pursuing Victory with Honor. All involved should display proper sportsmanship and play by the rules of the game because it’s the right thing to do!
  • Do not coach from the bleachers, it embarrasses you, your child and those seated near you.
  • Support your team by being a positive representative of your family and your school.
  • Cheer for good play
  • Refrain from intimidating or harassing players, coaches, officials, or other fans.
  • Use proper language at all times.
  • Remain in assigned seating areas- spectators are not allowed in the playing area.
  • Follow safety rules.
  • No eating or drinking in gyms.
  • Put trash in the proper receptacles.
Admission to this event is a privilege and not a license to display insensitive or offensive behavior.
Coaches, program administrators, sport officials, and the athletes themselves have a right to demand that spectators conform to acceptable standards of behavior.
Enjoy the event by being a FAN, not a fanatic!!!